11 Eleven Productions connects Des Moines' best to elevate your ideas to success and take our city to the next level.



event management

Experienced in procuring community partnerships and sponsorships.  Extensive background in budget creation, contracts, venue management, strategic marketing through organic, grass roots, guerrilla tactics as well as booking performers from all over the country. 


small business

Built, designed and established a successful business plan, brand and company. Researched and provided full market analysis to support a successful location choice. Access to extensive network for whatever your business needs may be from commercial brokers, investors, web developers, graphic designers, photographers, real estate developers, and beyond. 

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Seasoned relationship-building experts through various industries and passionate advocates for the city of Des Moines. Let us show your guests true hospitality and why this is one of the best places in the US to live. We do this through different tours of downtown by sharing our extensive knowledge of what has been developed and what is about to be developed.


We are the innovators, movers and shakers that will change Des Moines.

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networking ninja

Do you find yourself struggling to network and get connected, let us share our tips and tricks on how we have created an extremely expansive network over the last 17 years. Networking is an art that requires the ability to recognize, create and act upon business opportunities but in an authentic manner so you avoid one time transactions and secure lifelong partnerships.


the lesbian entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak and sometimes we need a little advice, motivation and/or reassurance that we are not alone on this tough but rewarding journey. Check out @thelesbianentrepreneur on Instagram, follow and stay connected to a positive and informational handle that is sure to have you coming back for more. If you need more than just a nudge then feel to reach out for specific assistance on the next step for your business goals. #thelesbianentrepreneur

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versatile consultant

Diverse professional with an expansive background that can provide external expert advice, direction, experience and assistance in helping you to reach your desired goals, whether personally or professionally. Specialize in a wide array of fields to help you secure the answers to all the necessary questions you need to advance yourself and/or your business. Our services are specifically customized to the unique needs of all our clients

A trendy Des Moines establishment with a signature look.


Dapper DSM believes in raising the bar for all hair hot spots. The specific focus is men's style cutting and the mission is to change the way modern men think about their hair. It is not a typical barbershop nor a standard salon; Dapper DSM is a hybrid of both and guests receive the finest elements of each experience. It pays homage to early barbershops by combining their classic charm with first class haircutting skills. It has an interactive, casual and hip urban vibe while staying true to Court Avenue's historic style. 11 Eleven was a founding partner and pivotal in the building of the business plan, brand, logo and strategic marketing research of this downtown gem.



Must see sell-out event that brings the masses together to celebrate individuality.


Drag King DSM (DKDSM) is a production of talent known for its unique ability to strip the art of drag performance to it's very core and bare bones, a theatrical show of excellence. DKDSM has transcended gender, age and sexual identity boundaries supporting the artistry of performance no matter who you are, how you identify, or where you come from. The performers of drag shows are typically from the LGBTQ community and performed in LGBTQ establishments. However, DKDSM is held in a neutral venue and features straight, bisexual, lesbian, transgender men and queer individuals. The result is an amazing night of talent performed in front of an even more diverse crowd of over 600 people. This event grew 4 times the original size in just 5 years and has brought in talent from California, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, New York, Philadelphia and Florida. 11 Eleven is responsible for the creation and development of this whole event from the ground up. 



Relationship-building experts in the 50309 


17 year professional with extensive background in procuring and securing new regular guests/clients through various industries. Let 11 Eleven share our passion for the city we love through the eyes of our mission, vision and values to ensure whomever experiences our bus tours of downtown leave wanting more and having a greater appreciation for what we are accomplishing as a community and a city. Our customer experience and operational excellence is second to no one, we guarantee. customers will leave satisfied, and the business will receive positive client interactions and feedback. Customer service and experience is what sets every business apart so call upon us to assist in successful company services.  



Empowerment programming for girls through music education, creation and performance.


The mission of Girls Rock!Des Moines (GRDSM) is to provide programs that enable girls to collaborate creatively in an environment of mutual respect and positive self-expression and to build self-esteem through music education, creation and performance. GR!DSM provides workshops and technical training, creates leadership opportunities, cultivates a supportive community of peers and mentors, and encourages social change all while developing life skills through music performance and education. 11 Eleven is dedicated to continued volunteering and guidance to ensure this program is around for years to come.